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2017-07-13 06:18 pm

FIC: Being a Blythe (WIP)

 I'm currently writing what's going to be probably the biggest fic I've ever done.  

Fandom:   Anne of Green Gables
Rating:  Teen / Mature themes eventually
Characters:  Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Marilla Cuthbert, Katherine Brooke, Diana Wright
Prompt:  Gilbert Blythe - Wizard   {Yes, you read that correctly}

Summary:  What if being a Blythe was more than being attractive and good looking.  What if it also meant being gifted with a supernatural ability.  Gilbert Blythe was born with healing powers which he lost after curing his father as a boy.  Now that Anne loves him, and they are together, his powers start fusing back together.  Will it be enough to help Anne with a difficult pregnancy?

I'm not going to cross post each chapter.  I'm going to link you to .  Reviews are really hard to come by.

Being a Blythe by Excel Aunt

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2017-05-26 04:11 pm

FIC: The Not-So-Secret Engagement

Fic: The Not-So-Secret Engagement
Author: Excel Aunt (aka [personal profile] sue_denim  )[profile] suedenim
Rating: General Audience
Length: 1100 Words - One Shot
Genre: Anne of Green Gables
Characters: Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe
A/N: I'm rereading this series a little bit and found the end of Anne of the Island completely lacking. Where's that first kiss LMM? Do Anne and Gilbert run off and tell everyone they're engaged? I don't think so. I trumped up an idea of how the end could be a bit more complete, albeit, my memory of the canon falters some.

The Not-So-Secret Engagement )