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 I'm currently writing what's going to be probably the biggest fic I've ever done.  

Fandom:   Anne of Green Gables
Rating:  Teen / Mature themes eventually
Characters:  Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Marilla Cuthbert, Katherine Brooke, Diana Wright
Prompt:  Gilbert Blythe - Wizard   {Yes, you read that correctly}

Summary:  What if being a Blythe was more than being attractive and good looking.  What if it also meant being gifted with a supernatural ability.  Gilbert Blythe was born with healing powers which he lost after curing his father as a boy.  Now that Anne loves him, and they are together, his powers start fusing back together.  Will it be enough to help Anne with a difficult pregnancy?

I'm not going to cross post each chapter.  I'm going to link you to .  Reviews are really hard to come by.

Being a Blythe by Excel Aunt

Mind blown

May. 29th, 2017 08:22 pm
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 Recently, I have learned that my uncle, whilst in high school, fathered a baby boy that was placed in adoption. He never said anything to his family about said child. It was only at the child's discovery of his mother, and the fact that this mother and my uncle were back together after decades apart and now married, that he brought his family into the picture.

My cousin is a very bright man, quiet and looks like one of us. He's a electrician, had a crew of four, and lives a sort of nomadic life-going from construction job to construction job. This Memorial Day weekend, I got a chance to talk to him a bit. I met his older sister, Rachel, and talked to her spouse James. They live in town. Topics turned to work, and when I told them where I worked, they asked if I knew someone. I did. In fact, this person, they were asking me about was also my Mom's neighbor. I had spent tons of time at her house, as her daughter, Karen and I were quite close in high school, and was truly one of my best friends at the time.

Karen, my best friend, and the cousin I didn't know I had, are cousins. Which makes the world seem so small. It's such a bizarre connection. It's entirely impossible I've met my cousin before now. 

My mind is completely blown at how small the world can be.

It's amazing to think that the first night of his adoption, he slept at his Aunt's house, just one block up the street from where I was.
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Fic: The Not-So-Secret Engagement
Author: Excel Aunt (aka [personal profile] sue_denim  )[profile] suedenim
Rating: General Audience
Length: 1100 Words - One Shot
Genre: Anne of Green Gables
Characters: Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe
A/N: I'm rereading this series a little bit and found the end of Anne of the Island completely lacking. Where's that first kiss LMM? Do Anne and Gilbert run off and tell everyone they're engaged? I don't think so. I trumped up an idea of how the end could be a bit more complete, albeit, my memory of the canon falters some.

The Not-So-Secret Engagement )

Open Post

Jun. 19th, 2009 06:34 pm
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Just joined Dreamwidth, thought I would say hi!


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